As a Kusudama Pilgrim

I think the world tour I planned is like a Kusudama pilgrimage. If someone who is patron asks me to come to their town, even if I do not know the place I’ll go there. I mean I’ll go anywhere. Until now, my origami friend asked me to come, then I am thinking to make…

The world tour

I’m going to carry my plan out in the near future. It’s travels to see my origami friends!! I’d like to see “Kusudama power” with my own eyes. How do my friends like it? How can it connect my friends and me? How does it make a joy? And I’d like to share a great…

Hokuei Chouhou

北栄町(鳥取県)の図書館に「暮らしを彩る四季のユニットおりがみ飾り」を寄贈したら、北栄町の町報(2015年11月)に紹介をしていただきました。 ほほほ。嬉しいな。 北栄町の町報   暮らしを彩る四季のユニットおりがみ飾り

Origami class room report 1

Origami class room Bloom (C) Mio Tsugawa created : Jun. 2006 Making by Gucchan I lectured on how to fold the bloom work to my friend today. Then my friend made this work. とある日のおりがみ教室 今日はお友達にブルームの折り方を講習しました。 写真はお友達の作品。