Diagrams order form / 折り図ご注文フォーム

One diagram is 330 JPY (Included tax).
Buy ten diagrams get one diagram free.

折り図は一部 300円(税込)です。何部でもご注文いただけます。

    Shopping processes / ご注文の流れ

    1.ordering / ご注文
    We accept your ordering by this mail. Please choose the diagrams you need in the back issues.

    2.get a confirmation mail / ご注文の確認メールが届きます
    You will get a confirmation mail from us about your ordering within 48 hours. If you don’t get it, please check the spam mailbox. And there is no mail, it may possible that you wrote the wrong e-mail, please send order mail again, please?

    3.Payment / お支払い
    Please confirm the mail, and if you don’t have any problems, please pay the fee via “Paypal”. We will send a bill from it.

    4.You get the diagrams. / 折り図をゲット
    After you payed, you will get an e-mail that written passwords to open PDF files of diagrams within 48 hours from us.

    5.Enjoy!! / めいっぱい楽しんでください
    Please enjoy making kusudamas and modular origami. If you will write that you made the work and URL at each diagram’s post as a comment, we will visit your work definitely!!

    Mio will support your great kusudama life!!
    Mio Tsugawa (つがわ みお) は、あなたのステキなくすだまライフを応援しています!!


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