At the intermediate level of the appreciation point, the methods to get data in detail is shown.

The shape and life of works might be affected by the method of assembling.

As for, methods assembling parts are four kinds.

Modular type has a more detailed classification.

If you don't have any diagrams of, you might be not able to imagine what joints are.There are some diagrams of modular type in They might help you to understand.


A kind and the number of parts used for the work can teach the various information of the work. If you know the parts you can close in on the charm of the work.

Kind of parts constituting one work of kusudama

One work may be comprised of parts more than two kinds.When several types of parts are used for a work, form is complicated more, and a color full of changes can be brought about.
The parts have a different name each by the way of working.

Particularly, in the case of a work that either parts will be connected to other parts at each joint part, this work will be called Compound work in there are works which have combinate parts having flaps and decoration parts.

Triangular unit × Hexagonal tile Water hyacinth

It means a compound work which is mixed Triangular unit and decoration parts of "Hexagonal tile Water hyacinth".

When a work consists of part which is more than two kind, you might be able to search the work by indexes of decoration parts and joining parts.