Sarabanda with Pristine rose

Sarabanda with Pristine rose

Work data

Creation date
  • Body-part : Dec.2012
  • Deco-part : Feb.2018
  • Body-part : 30
  • Deco-part : 30
Paper size
  • Body-part : 7.5cm
  • Deco-part : 15 × 3.75cm
Assembling type
Modular type
Joining materials
No used


The work of Sarabanda is decorated with Pristine Rose having the 1/8 rectangle standard.

At first, there was a plan to set the decoration part in Furiant which is one of the kusudama suites having the 1/8 rectangle standard.
But Furiant tends to have a big hole at the point that 5 parts are gathered. Also the assembling is so unique, so I thought I couldn't draw the diagram.
Then I changed my mind to use Sarabanda as a body part.
Even if the decoration part will be set in Sarabanda or Friant, both completed shape of the works would become the same almost.

To set decoration part and to assemble parts don't need glue in all processes.

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