Cotillon with stopper III

Work data

Creation date
Aug. 2010
May. 2018
May. 2018
  • Cotillon : 30
  • Decoration part : 30
  • joining materials : 60
  • Stopper : 30
Paper size
  • Cotillon : 7.5 cm
  • Decoration part : 3.75 × 1.875 cm
  • joining materials (made of paper) : 3.75×1.875 cm
  • Stopper : 7.5×1.875cm
Decoration part
Joining materials
Triangle pins (made of paper)
Claw II


Cotillon has lots of possibilities to assemble parts.
A stopper is not necessary but it makes easier to connect parts, and it decorates the part.

The name of stopper used to this work is Claw II, and it is a little bit hard to set "Claw" of the stopper than Norimaki stopper. For more information
Join parts which are familiar shape

Reverse type is Quadrille.

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