Work data

Creation date
Aug. 2010
Aug. 2018
Apr. 2018
  • Cotillon : 30
  • Decoration part (Chaton): 30
  • Decoration part (Gift-ribbon): 30
  • joining materials : 60
Paper size
  • Cotillon : 7.5 cm
  • Decoration part (Chaton) : 3.75×7.5cm
  • Decoration part (Gift ribbon) : 7.5×1.875cm
  • joining materials (made of paper) : 3.75×1.875 cm
Decoration part
Chaton and Gift ribbon
Joining materials
Triangle pins (made of paper)


This work is decorated with "Gift ribbon" and looks very similar to "Cotillon with Tanzaku and Gift ribbon" using gift ribbon.
But there is a big difference between them what is the way to set the decoration-part.
The work "Cotillon with Tanzaku and Gift-ribbon" has two kinds of decoration-parts, and they are set into the body-part "Cotillon" directly.
In contrast, the work "Cotillon with Gift-ribbon on Chaton" has two kinds of decoration-parts also, and Chaton would be set into the body-part, but decoration-part of Gift-ribbon would be set into Chaton.
That's why Chaton is called "chaton".

Decoration part "Chaton" can be set another decoration parts which have 1/64 square standard.
So this work shows there are two ways to use Chaton as a decoration-part.

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