Mio tried method that join parts together with paper clips.

  1. Folding parts
    The sample work is "Parallel Zabuton". It is easier to assemble this work having big margins for paste.Sample Diagrams / Parallel Zabuton
  2. Put two margins for paste of the parts together, and clip it.


  1. Clips become like decorations.

    Clips become like decorations and are beautiful shiningly.
    The work gets a decorative accent.

  2. It can be redone.

    Unlike the way to use the glue, it can be easy that we do it again when we take a miss by this way.
    There is little damage to the parts, too.


  1. Difficulty of the long-range preservation.

    The weight of 60 paper clips is heavier than we expected.It's hard to keep the form with own only.When it is put on the desk, it is possible that the margins for paste will be warped by own weight.
    In case of saving it in a long-range, hanging it with strings or putting through the wire is better for preservation.

  2. Parts clipped will be warped some.

    Part of margins for paste clipped will be warped some.


It is "weight" to feel most when finish making the work.There is the presence of the paper clips like it is thought that it may be lifted with a strong magnet.
The assembling is clipped only, so it is possible that joint comes off when get strong shocks.
We recommend that you don't try to play catch with the work.
We said that it is merely clipped, but the finish of the work is solid more than expected. If it is considered disadvantages 1, the long-range preservation will not have any problem.Any laboratory findings depend on paper clips. It is expected that different laboratory findings are provided again when it is changed material, form and the size of the paper clips.

report : 12 Dec. 2012