Dumka Decoration parts Vol.2 / ドゥムカ デコレーションパーツ Vol.2

Dumka with Tefu / ドゥムカ & てふ

Dumka with Jabara / ドゥムカ & 蛇腹 (じゃばら)

A Jabara is a structure of repeated mountain and valley folds in Japanese. It likes “Bellows”.

“Ja (蛇)” means a snake. “bara(腹)” means a belly. So Jabara means the belly of a snake.



絵本西遊記より by 国立国会図書館

Dumka & Hutae-tongari / ドゥムカ & ふたえとんがり

It may not be clear in this piece, but the decorating part is a double layer.
“Hutae” means double layered and “tongari” means pointed.



Dumka with Neji / ドゥムカ & 捻子(ねじ)

The decorative parts are set on Dumka piece and then twisted with tweezers.
Neji means screw.


Work’s Data

© Mio Tsugawa
September 2023
September 2023
Number of parts
body : 30 / Decoration part : 30 pieces
Paper size
body : 7.5 cm ()
Joining materials
Glue (No glued)
Joining Type
Paste type


These decorative parts will be embellished later after the Dumka’s parts are assembled.

Any of the decorative parts in this page can be set or off.

ドゥムカのデコレーションパーツ Vol.2 は、Vol.1 とおなじように、ドゥムカの作品を組み立てたあとで、セットします。なので、セットしたあとで取り外して、他のデコレーションパーツに変えることもできます。


You can make it! The diagram is 330 JPY (Include tax).
折り図売ってます。1部 330円 (税込み)です。

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