Mutsubi boshi / むつび星

Mutsubi boshi with 1:3 ratio paper / むつび星 1:3 の紙で

Mutsubi boshi with 2:5 ratio paper / むつび星 2:5 の紙で


This work is a development from “Hoshi Asobi”. The paper size is 1:3 ratio of length and width, and consists of 30 pieces.

The finished shape is similar to the “Magische Kroon” made with 2:5 ratio paper.

It can be decorated with decoration parts having a 1/8 rectangle standard.

The star-shaped parts can be opened to make it puffy.
Folded with 2:5 ratio paper, it transforms into a thorny shape!

The name of the work is a word I coined. It means fellowship stars.





You can make it! The diagram is 330 JPY (Include tax).
折り図売ってます。1部 330円 (税込み)です。

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