Decoration parts: 1/8 rectangle standard “Halo” / デコレーションパーツ 1/8 矩形規格 「光輪」

Sham with Halo / シャム & 光輪(こうりん)

Polonaise with Halo II / ポロネーズ & 光輪 II

Work’s Data

© Mio Tsugawa
February 2022
March 2022
Number of parts
30 pieces
Paper size
3.75 × 15 cm (Ratio 1:4)
Joining materials
No use (No glued)


“Halo” is a decoration part that decorates works with a 1/8 rectangular size.

Works that can be decorated with this decoration part are works that have a 1/4 square standard or 1/8 rectangular standard, such as “Sham”, “Polonaise”, “Sarabanda”, “Cynthia”, “Artemis”, and “Furiant”, and so on.

The decoration part is set into the main part without using adhesive.
After being set in the main part, it is shaped into a triangular ring shape.

「光輪」シリーズは、1/8 矩形規格のデコレーションパーツです。「サラバンダ」「シンシア」「アルテミス」「ヘカテー」「シャム」「ポロネーズバリエーション」「フリアント」「ポルスカ」など「1/8 矩形規格」を持つ作品を飾ります。


光輪 II は、まとめる前の姿の方がおもしろいかも。


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