Sample diagram of Bloom

A sample diagram of “Bloom” is shown to public for the first time since I reopen a new homepage. A folding process is so simple and easy. I hope you enjoy it. Bloom / Sample diagram   gradational colors origami paper


MerKaBa © Mio Tsugawa created : Oct. 2015 Making : Oct. 2015 parts : 12 paper size : 7.5cm joining type : Paste type joining materials : Glue —- Do you know the markaba? I created it by origami. Folding processes are very simple and spiritual. Parts are assembled by glue. Let’s try and enjoy…

Diagram of Sham Ribbon

How to make sham ribbon シャムリボンの作り方 © Mio Tsugawa Created : Dec. 2013 Drawing : Jan. 2014 Preparations origami paper : 30 sheets 折り紙 : 30枚 Sham … process 5 シャム … 工程5

New diagram – Inspiration

Inspiration (C) Mio Tsugawa created : Jul. 2013 parts : 30 paper size : 7.5 cm Joint type : Modular type Joining materials : No use It’s arrangement works of Sonobe unit. All lines of the work have different width and are not put regularly. You can design the pattern as you like. This is…