Arabesuqe’s Passacaglia / アラベスクスパッサカリア

Arabesque’s Passacaglia (3:4 ratio paper) / アラベスクスパッサカリア (比率 3:4 の紙)

© Mio Tsugawa

Arabesque’s Passacaglia (7:8 ratio paper) / アラベスクスパッサカリア (比率 7:8 の紙)


A piece that combines “Arabesque” and “ Passacaglia”.

The joint places are 2, Using joining methods is Arabesque joint on both.
The works consist of 60 parts.

Basically, the works “Passacaglia” in the “Kusudama suites” series and “Arabesque” can be made with rectangular paper of any size and ratio.
Parts can be made longer or shorter. The ratio of 3:4 is the shortest for this work.

Variations can be applied to the joints on Arabesque. The photo below is a work to which “Star” has been applied.


7:8 や 1:1(正方形)の比率の紙で折ると、シャムズボレロと同じような形になります。


下の写真は「アラベスクジョイント スター」を応用させたもの。



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