Manjushage Variations Vol.1 / 曼珠沙華 バリエーション Vol.1

Manjushage-Kai / 曼珠沙華 – 改(かい)

Manjushage-Rei / 曼珠沙華 – 零(れい)

Manjusyage-Kobore / 曼珠沙華 – 溢(こぼれ)


The original Manjushage requires the help of glue, even though the parts have flaps and pockets. Manjushage – Kai” is the result of trial and error if it could somehow be assembled without the help of glue.

The triangle Mountains are made after all parts are assembled.

Variation “Manjushage-Rei” was made in 2008. It can be applied the assembly method of “Kai” to this one as well. “Kobore” is a slightly different design of Triangle Mountain.

なんとか、接着剤の助けなしに組み立てられないものかと、いじくり倒したのが「曼珠沙華 – 改」です。




You can make it! The photo diagram is 330 JPY (Include tax).
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