Diagram of Passacaglia

■Work Data
©Mio Tsugawa
Type of assembling : Modular Type
Method of joint : Arabesque Joint
Parts : 30
Paper size : 7.5cm (Orange work)
6.2×8.2cm (Green Work)

I prepared a diagram for next month of Patreon. It’s the diagram of Passacaglia.
Passacaglia | Gallery | origamio.com
The connecting (assembling) parts is very unique, it has double locks, it’s like a work of Arabesque. If it is rectangular paper, this work can be made with any size.
Let’s try!!

7月の Patreon の折り図ができました。パッサカリアです。

美少年的大狂言(チェリーボーイ・スクランブル) (白泉社文庫)

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