White rain lily / 玉簾(たますだれ)

Work’s Data

©Mio Tsugawa
March 2023
May 2023
Drawing / Tutorial video
May 2023
Number of parts
30 pieces
Paper size
7.5 cm (Square paper)
Joining materials
No use (No glued)
Joining method
Flap and Pocket joint


This is one of the variations in “Trisection unit II” that is modular type assembled without glue.

The work consists of 30 parts, connecting with flaps and pockets.
The most difficult to make work in the variations of “Trisection unit II”.
Because the flowers are three-dimensional and delicate, it is recommended that they be hung rather than placed.

『三等分ユニット 弐』のバリエーションのひとつ。接着剤を使わずに組み立てるモジュラータイプの作品で、フラップとポケットを使ってパーツをつなぎます。



Tutorial video

You can make it! The tutorial video is 550 JPY (Include tax).
チュートリアルビデオ売ってます。1本 550円 (税込み)です。

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