with rectangle-paper


Interesting appearance of the decoration part “Halo” before its transformation. / デコレーションパーツ「光輪」の変身する前の姿がおもしろい。

Polonaise with Halo II / ポロネーズ × 光輪 II 「Halo」は光輪という意味。「天使の輪」みたいな。 The work appears to be covered with triangular...

Parhelion / 幻日

Parhelion幻日 About Parhelion "Parhelion" is a work that connected parts of "Paraselene" which is a type of conne...
as Reward

幻月 / Paraselene

幻月 / Paraselene (Paper size is 1:3) 幻月 / Paraselene (Paper size is 1:2) 「幻月」について / About "Paraselene" Is this...

Rectangle Arabesque

■Works Data Original : Jun.2006 Created : Jun.2016 Type of Assembling : Modular type Method of joining : Arabe...

Sham with popping

Sham ver.popping © Mio Tsugawa created : Sep. 2006 Making : Jun. 2015 parts(sham) : 30 parts(popping) : 30 ...
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