Parhelion / 幻日


About Parhelion

“Parhelion” is a work that connected parts of “Paraselene” which is a type of connecting by “Arabesque-joint” by “Twins-joint”.


Parhelion; before add curls.

Work Data

Created : Aug.2019
Drawing : Not yet
Assembling type : Modular type
Joining method : Twins-joint
Number of part : 30 parts
Paper size : 11.25cm × 3.75cm (ratio 3:1)


This work are able to be folded with rectangle paper which has a ratio of 1 to X (X=3 and more) like a work “Paraselene”.

The photo is made with paper having a ratio three to one.

The joining method of “Twins-joint” has flaps and pockets on a part like general works of modular origami.
But “Twins-joint” has a unique characteristic that flaps and pockets are the same forms.
It means a flap can be a pocket or a pocket can be a flap.
A maker can choose which one to use as a flap or a pocket.

I created this work at the same time which created the work of “paraselene”.
I don’t have a plan to draw a diagram during this point in time.




Chatting / 余談

I created a lot of works the last summer when I stayed in Bulgaria, and I gave all works (includes this “Parhelion”) to the host who is a hotel owner as a thank.

The owner displayed a work of “Rime” in a showcase in the front of the hotel, I was so glad about it.
I don’t know this work is still there, but I hope so.


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