Inwyt variation “Tatou” / インウィット バリエーション「たとう」

Inwyt variation “Tatou”
インウィット バリエーション 「たとう」

About Inwyt “Tatou” / インウィット「たとう」について

Inwyt which was created Jan.2020 has a lot of variations, it’s one of them.


Work data

Created : Aug.2020
Drawing : Not yet
Assembling type : Modular type
Joining method : Flap-Pocket joint
Number of part : 60 parts
Paper size : 7.5cm × 3.75cm


“Inwyt” is a modular-type which can be assembled without glue. There are two assembling ways; vertical assembling and horizontal assembling. But as for this “Tatou” can be used only vertical assembling.
And I can say “It’s pretty hard”.

When I created its variation, I planned to draw it in a diagram. But I was making the work, felt that nobody can assemble parts without glue.

So I quit drawing it.


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