Impetus variations 2 / インペトゥス バリエーション その2

Impetus “Flash: the face”
インペトゥス 「フラッシュ: おもて」

About “Impetus variations 2”

I’m continuing to create variations of “Impetus“, it’s twenty and more, but there are some works that will be not drawn on a diagram. These are works of that.


Work data

Mio Tsugawa
Creation date
30 parts
Paper size
7.5 cm (Square paper)
Joining materials
No use (No glued)
Joining method
Tomoe joint

Description / 解説

There is an article commented about “Tomoe-joint” used to this work to connect parts in this blog. Please refer to it.


The reason why the work of “Flash: the face” will be not drawn in a diagram is… / 「フラッシュ: おもて」が折り図に掲載されない理由

I had a plan to draw these works in a diagram of variations vol.2, but I created a new variation work, and it became a work having a similar pattern to it.
Then I quit to draw it.


The reason why the work of “Zeta” will be not drawn in a diagram is… / 「ゼータ」が折り図に掲載されない理由

Impetus ” Zeta”
インペトゥス「 ゼータ 」

Well….there is no reasons.(← What?!)

特になし。(← はぁ?)

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