Impetus variation “Cirsium japonicum” / インペトゥス バリエーション 「ノアザミ」

Impetus “Cirsium japonicum”
インペトゥス “ノアザミ”

About Impetus variation “Cirsium japonicum”

This is one of variation of “Impetus” which is modular-type assembling without glue.


Work’s data

Author: Mio Tsugawa
Creation date: Aug.2020
Drawing: Non
Parts: 30 parts
Paper size: 7.5 cm (Square paper)
Joining materials: No use (No glued)
Joining method: Tomoe joint

Impetus “Cirsium japonicum” before open petals
インペトゥス “ノアザミ” 花弁を開く前

Description / 解説

I had a plan to draw this work on a diagram.
But I changed the plan because some reasons.

The work is simple, the folding processes are not hard, but drawing it on diagram is hard…
The diagram of “Impetus variations Vol.3” is coming the next month, and it’s the last volume of it.
The diagram has four variations, the work of “Cirsium japonicum” is related to them.
There is a possibility that you can make this “Cirsium japonicum” if you will get the diagram.

「インペトゥス バリエーション Vol.3」は来月発行予定で、インペトゥスバリエーションの最終回。 折り図には4つのバリエーションが掲載されるが、この「ノアザミ」はその4つの作品の系統のうちのひとつ。


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