Hoshi-akari Variations / 星あかり バリエーション

Yuki-akari / 雪あかり

Hoshi-matsuri / 星まつり


These are variations from Hoshi-akari.

Yuki-akari is very similar to the relationship between Sterrennacht and Starry Night.

Although it is not as difficult as Starry Night, the difficulty level of folding Yuki-akari is also a little higher. Perfect for honing your origami skills.

I haven’t made a variation work like Yuki-matsuri on Starry Night, but it is possible to make it. If you have the diagram of Sterrennacht, please give it a try.





You can make it! The photo diagram is 330 JPY (Include tax).
写真折り図売ってます。1部 330円 (税込み)です。 → ORIGAMIO SHOP

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