Norimaki unit Variations Vol.2 / のり巻きユニット バリエーション Vol.2

Hibiscus mutabilis / 芙蓉(ふよう)

Trifolium campestre / 薬玉詰草(くすだまつめくさ)

Anemone virginiana / 春咲秋明菊(はるざきしゅうめいぎく)

Dracaena compacta / ドラセナ・コンパクタ


Dracaena compacta / ドラセナ・コンパクタ
Dracaena / ドラセナ

Work’s Data

© Mio Tsugawa
September 2022
Tutorial Video
September 2022
Number of parts
30 parts(60 pieces)
Paper size
3.75 × 7.5 cm, 3.75 × 15 cm
Joining materials
No use (No glued)
Joining method
Flap and Pocket joint


One part of “Norimaki Unit” is made with two pieces. These pieces are assembled without using glue. The entire combination of parts is also assembled without using any glue.

The names of all works in the variations Vol.2 come from real plants.

I made the video for the tutorial.



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Tutorial video

You can make it! The tutorial video is 550 JPY (Include tax).
チュートリアルビデオ売ってます。1本 550円 (税込み)です。

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