Shopping guide / お買い物の仕方

How to buy the pay diagrams? / 有料折り図のお買い物の仕方

Oh, have you taken in interest in Kusudama origami more?
We could show you diagrams of nicer models.


There are four ways to get the pay diagrams. / 有料折り図を購入する4つの方法

1. Became Mio’s patron on Patreon / パトレオンでパトロンになる

You will get the newest diagram(s) per month by become a patron on Patreon.

Some courses are prepared.

■ $3 (USD) per month – the newest one diagram
■ $10 (USD) per month – the newest two diagrams, and three diagrams distributed before.

Become a Patron!

Patreon というクリエイター支援サイトでパトロンになると、毎月新しいできたてホヤホヤの折り図をゲットできます。

2. Become Mio’s patreon on Campfire / キャンプファイヤーでパトロンになる

Campfire is a site of crowdfunding, which is for supporting creators and artists by gathering patrons like Patreon in Japan as well.

You will get the newest two diagrams per month by become a patron on Campfire.

500 JPY per month (two new diagrams)


3. Read the monthly e-newsletter / メールマガジンを購読する

It’s the monthly newsletter written in Japanese. But you can get the monthly diagrams written in English as well.

■1,920 JPY per six months
■6,290 JPY per twelve months (one year)

If you are interested in it, please ask us. → Contact us



いくつかコースがあります。申し込みフォームから申し込みできます。 メールマガジンお申込みフォーム

4. Let us via e-mail. / 欲しい折り図をメールで知らせる

You can ask us via e-mail anytime.
Which diagrams would you need?
Please choose diagrams you like on this site and let us know them via e-mail.

We are very glad you’re interested in Mio’s origami models.

Ask from here → Diagrams order form

  • Each diagram is 330 JPY.
  • It’s an advance payment.
  • “Paypal” is available.


折り図のご注文はこちらから → 折り図ご注文フォーム

  • 折り図は1部300円です。
  • 料金は前払いになります。
  • ゆうちょ銀行でのお支払いになります。振込手数料はお客様のご負担になります。

Payment methods / お支払い方法

The payment methods depends on how you will buy the diagrams.


In case of “Patreon” and “Campfire” / パトレオンとキャンプファイヤーの場合

In case of Patreon or Campfire, you will be charged according to the rules of Patreon or Campfire.

■ Both are a Monthly billing cycle.

If you have questions, please refer to help center page of them.

■ Patreon Help Center

■Campfire Help center (in Japanese)



■ Patreon Help Center

■CAMPFIRE ヘルプページ

In case of “the newsletter” and “e-mail” / メールマガジンとメールでのご注文の場合

  • About price, regard to ordering it via e-mail, each diagram is 330 JPY.
  • It’s an advance payment.
  • “Paypal” is available.

  • 折り図の代金は、メールでのご注文は、折り図は1部300円です。メールマガジンはお選びいただいたコースの料金です。
  • 料金は前払いになります。
  • ゆうちょ銀行でのお支払いになります。振込手数料はお客様のご負担になります。

Postage / 送料

In all cases, because of diagrams are PDF files, the postage doesn’t cost.


If you have any questions, / お問い合わせ

If you have any questions about ordering diagrams, please ask us anytime to feel free.


Contact us / お問い合わせ


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