Dumka / ドゥムカ

Diagram Dumka / ドゥムカ_折り図

Dumka / ドゥムカ
Floral Dumka / 花のドゥムカ

Work data

Mio Tsugawa
Creation date
February 2011
August 2023
Paper size
7.5 cm (Square paper)
Joining materials
No use (No glued)
Joining method
Flap and Pocket joint

Summary / 作品概要

“Dumka” is a modular piece that can be assembled without using adhesives, and has a very unique way of connecting parts.

Compared to passacaglia, holes are more likely to form at the points where the five parts come together, but if you decorate them with decorative stickers, they won’t be noticeable. It’s fun to make art, and you can kill two birds with one stone!

Dumka can be decorated with various special decoration parts. You can also decorate it with the “One Fold” decoration part from “Sarabanda”.

The folding diagram includes the basic folding method, a variation of “Floral Dumka”, “Dress-up Dumka” with different colors.





Get the diagram / 折り図をゲット

The diagram is 330 JPY (Include tax).
折り図は1部 330円 (税込み)です。

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