Which diagram do you want?

This is the game that you can make a diagram free for all people in the world.

Firstly, please choose one work you want to open the diagram on the net for free.
Secondly, please write down it to a comment space of my blog.

I would show one diagram which got requests of more than 100 people earliest.



Type : Paper joint (Modular)
Parts : 30 (7.5cm)
Joining materials : paper
Joining parts : 30 (3.75cm)


Type : Modular
parts : 60 (7.5cm × 3.75cm)
Joining materials : no used


Type : Paste
parts : 60 (7.5cm × 0.9375cm)
Joining materials : glue

There are the rules.

(1) The person who can request it is a person having the own site or blog on the net, or my friend of facebook.

(2) Please write your address of site or blog or your Facebook account when you write the request.

(3) One person can request only one time.

These two diagrams will be intended to sell in my shop, and remaining one will be shown on the net for free as the memorial that a new site opened.

But if two diagrams will gather more than 100 requests on the same day, I would show these two diagrams to public on the net for free.
Also, the case of three diagrams is the same too.
It means all three diagrams will be opened for free.
(But it’s too hard case, I think.)



これは、あなたが世界中の人々のために くす玉の作り方を無料公開にすることができるゲームです。
上の写真の 3 つの作品の中から、あなたが無料公開を望むものをひとつだけ選んで、ブログのコメント欄にリクエストしてください。

一番はやく 100 人以上のリクエストがあった図面を無料でネット上に公開します。

(1) リクエストできる人は、ネット上に自分のサイト、またはブログを持っている人か、あるいは Facebook の Mio さんのお友達です。

(2) コメント欄にリクエストする時に、あなたのサイト、ブログ、または Facebook のアドレスを書き添えてください。

(3) リクエストは一人一回だけです。

もし同じ日に、ふたつの図面が 100 人からのリクエストを集めた。っちゅーやぁな (鳥取弁 : というような) ケースになった場合、その時はふたつの図面とも、無料公開しましょう。

Comments / コメント

  1. Gala says:

    Hello, Mio! Thank you so much for your creativity!!! Your Kobore-zakura conquered me! Please, share with me it. Thank you very much! БлагоДарю!

  2. Avarra says:


  3. Mihara says:

    hi mio

    i am a big fan of your magnificent and masterful of your design on your site i very love them allot simple but is a high attractive for me i wish if i can have at least one of your models of the three i would like the Yubikiri (ゆびきり) model can i have share a diagram i hope you read my message

    best regards : Mihara

  4. いちご says:


    • Mio Tsugawa Mio Tsugawa says:

      Current number of votes

      Kobore-zakura : 23
      みるこ, いちご

      Yubikiri : 21
      Annerose Simon-Petry

      Gizumo : 4

      >BArbulescu Cristina
      Would you show us your site or your Facebook addresses?

  5. Annerose Simon-Petry says:

    all looks super, I vote for Yubikiri. My Facebookadress is: http://www.facebook.com/annerose.simonpetry
    Thank you

  6. BArbulescu Cristina says:

    Dear Mio!
    So glad that I found you!
    I really like this model: Kobore-zakura

  7. みるこ says:


  8. I vote for Yubikiri.
    Thank you.

    • Mio Tsugawa Mio Tsugawa says:

      Current number of votes

      Kobore-zakura : 21
      and… Marcella

      Yubikiri : 20
      and…Krass, Carambola2006

      Gizumo : 4

      Would you show us your site or your Facebook addresses?

  9. MiharaMiyo says:

    hi mio

    i very idolized your model i hope can i share a diagram for the model of yubikiri kusudama of the one of your hands mades

    greetings from your fan in the philippines

    regards; meeyho

  10. Isabela says:

    Hi Mio….

    My vote is for GIZMO……. please….

  11. Marcella says:

    I vote for: Kobore-zakura

    Because is adorable and looks like a mix, flower with sun…

  12. KraSS says:

    Hi Mio!
    I’m very glad I found your site where I could find lots of beauties.
    I vote for Yubikiri.

  13. keisarara says:


  14. Hajime Crea says:

    I have added my tumblr (blogging site). I hope this means my vote is counted!

  15. ka orikami says:

    email kaorikami@gmail.com

    kusudama Kobore-zakura !

  16. karina milanez says:

    email karinambs@gmail.com

    kusudama Kobore-zakura !

  17. ともぴー says:

    ここで いいのかな?「零れ桜」に一票♪夜露死苦!

  18. Hoi-Ying says:

    Dear Mio, I like Gizmo best 🙂 I regular icosahedron but with a visual twist because of the colored part against the white background color.

  19. soju says:


  20. sridevi says:

    Kobore-zakura isthe best of three i love your kusudamas. iam from india

  21. martina says:

    Es hermoso el yubikiri!!! Me gustaria plegarlo, me gustan los kusudamas!!!

  22. Anna says:

    Dear Mio, I like Yubikiri.

  23. あけみ says:


    “ゆびきり” に、一票


  24. あけみ says:





  25. Елена says:

    Мой голос за Yubikiri

  26. Извините!)))
    Голосую снова!

  27. vvs says:

    Kobore – zakure!!

  28. Dear Mio,

    I am glad to see you again 🙂

    Please give us Gizmo. 🙂

    Thank you!

  29. My choice: Yubikiri

  30. Dear Mio-san, I like all of your kusudamas, but Yubikiri is best, I’d like to get it’s diagram, thank you 🙂

  31. Valentina Minayeva says:
  32. Dun says:

    Gizmo please! Thank you very much!

  33. Olya says:

    Dear Mio! I love all of them, but Kobore-zakura is the best:)

    • Mio Tsugawa Mio Tsugawa says:

      Dear my friends.

      Thank you for your requests, and comments and messages.
      I’m so glad to be able to enjoy kusudamas with you.

      Current number of votes

      Kobore-zakura: 15
      Aldos Marcell, Isa Klein, Akira Nguyen, Benny Cheung, Satomi Oikawa, Patrick, Engineerka, Isa, Nyck, しいたけ, Josefa Maria Coelho Marques, Marta Ide, junkichi, Alena, Ludmila

      Yubikiri: 11
      Jodie, まぁどん, Anna Alekseeva, なちゅ, いくりん, Mariya L.P., Lida, Andrey Hechuev, Karina milanez, Alina Maslova, Lada,

      Gizmo: 1

      The invalid voting : 13
      belo-elena, Ekaterina, Uwe Rhe, Hajime Crea, Meehara, maria jose yasukawa, Lyuka, Susan, Eliete Braga, Lus de Pessôa, Leonora Solowlewskik, Natasha Maralina, Olya
      (I can’t see your website address. Please add it to your request. )

      About the invalid voting.
      Please read the rules carefully.

      It needs an address of Facebook or website or blog you have.
      I’ll accept your sns accounts like Flickr, LiveJournal, Myspace and so on.

      And please choose ONE diagram.

  34. Ludmila says:

    Dear Mio, I choose Kobore-zakura. Thank you.

  35. Lada says:

    Dear Mio! All of your models are wonderful!
    I choose Yubikiri.

  36. Natasha Maralina says:

    Good afternoon, Mio!
    My choice – Yubikiri!
    Thank you.

  37. なちゅ says:



  38. Alena says:

    Dear Mio! I love all of them, but Kobore-zakura is the best)))

  39. Alina Maslova says:

    Dear Mio, I’m glad to see you!
    I like all 3 models!
    If I must choose one, it would be Yubikiri.

  40. J like this Kobore-zakura it`s amazing!!!

  41. junkichi says:



  42. Marta Ide says:

    hi Mio!!

    Kobore-zakura, pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeeee!!!



  43. O diagrama do kabore-zakura.

  44. Oi Mio
    Adoro seus kusudamas. Quero o diagrama do lôbrega-zakura. Abraços.

  45. Lus de Pessôa says:

    I loved the trhree models. But I prefer the Last one.

  46. しいたけ says:



  47. mio, gostaria de ter o diagrama do kusudama Yubikiri! Fico feliz com a sua volta com site ,sucesso!

  48. Eliete Braga says:

    As always yours kusudamas akoborere great, but Kobore-zakura is my favorite.

  49. Susan says:

    I am so glad that you are back, Mio! It is so hard to choose, but I think that I like Yubikiri best.

  50. Hello Mio!
    It’s very kind ofYou to share with us some of Yourwonderfull works!
    I’ild to get the instructions for Yubikiri (ゆびきり) please ==
    I’m already Your friend on facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/Khech ) and on Flickr ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/xe4/ )
    pplus I got Google+ Kusudama Community page ( https://plus.google.com/communities/100790878052850562274 )
    Arigatoo gozajmas!! ^_^

  51. Lyuka says:

    I like this!

  52. Lida says:

    Dear Mio! Yubikiri is the best!

  53. Mariya L.P. says:

    Good day, Dear Mio.

    I’m very like all your kusudama.
    Yubikiri – i like best of this three.
    Thank you for your models.

  54. なちゅ says:




  55. Dear Mio

    I´m from argentina and not write much english, sorry
    I love your work and much more thats which flowers

    I choose the model “rose garden” from your new webpage origamio.com
    Home > 貼り合わせタイプ > 1/4ユニットコンビ > ローズ · ガーデン

    Is correct? or I miss something?
    best regards

  56. こんばんわ。

    どれも捨てがたい( 」´0`)」。。。


  57. なちゅ says:



  58. Nyck says:

    welcome back!

  59. なちゅ says:




  60. なちゅ says:



  61. なちゅ says:



  62. Isa says:

    Glad to see you are well and doing beautiful kusudama! <3

    Kobore-zakura (零れ桜) is my favorite! It gets my vote! 🙂

  63. Meehara says:

    Dear Mio

    i very love your models specially are those your beautiful make me amaze so much but if i have really wanted to try the new model of your the one of the middle of kusudama’s the yubikiri i very love that model i hope if i can have it one of your model scheme i wanted to fold tthat model so very happy to fold if i done i wish if i can have it the diagram

    Respectfully your’s : Meehara

  64. Hajime Crea says:


    All 3 models are great, but I’d love to see the Kobore-zakura. It’s so unique!

  65. Engineerka says:

    All your kusudamas are awesome! But I like kobore-zakura more.

  66. Dear Mio,
    I like all 3 models!
    If I must choose one, it would be Yubikiri.

  67. まぁどん says:




  68. Patrick says:

    Hi! I love the Kobore-zakura because it’s so elegant! I’m also a huge fan of origami and spend quite a bit of time folding. Here are just a few of the models that I’ve folded over the past year: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kurohayabusa/sets/72157632371037958/

  69. Definitely Kobore-zakura!

    Beijos do Brasil! 🙂

  70. Vic says:

    Hi Mio I’d like to see Gizmo diagrem. Best regards!

  71. Oi Mio
    Adoro seus kusudamas.

  72. Maria says:

    Der Mio,

    I would love to see the diagram of kobore-sakura!thank you;)))is beautiful!

  73. Benny Cheung says:

    I would like to see the diagram for Kobore-zakura as well. Thank you! Your works are great!

  74. Jodie says:

    Dear Mio,

    All of your kusudamas are so amazing; they’re all so pretty! I’d really love to see the diagram for the Yubikiri kusudama! uwu

  75. Akira Nguyen says:

    Dear, Mio

    I love your kusudamas! I would love to see the diagram of kobore-zakura!

  76. Uwe Rohe says:

    Dear Mio,

    your Kusudamas are all beautiful, but the best and I like Yubikiri Kobore-zakura!!


  77. Ekaterina says:

    Dear Mio-san, I like all of your kusudamas, but Yubikiri is best, I’d like to get it’s diagram, thank you:)))

  78. Isa Klein says:

    DEar Mio!

    I’m glad you’re back!! I like Kobore-zakura! He’s wonderful!!!

    Kisses from Brazil 🙂

  79. Dear Mio, I like Kobore-zakura
    Is a very elegant design and I want to fold.

  80. belo-elena says:

    Dear Mio, I’m glad to see you!
    I like this kusudamas!!!

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