Why do Japanese people use funny English?

Japanese words

All Japanese words are consisted of “vowels and consonants” or only “vowel (s)”.
Then as for Japanese people, it’s hard to understand how to pronounce only vowels.
That’s why most Japanese people have bad pronunciation.
But Japanese people can understand bad pronunciation English words with each other, so we use Japanglish in Japan.


Japanese pronunciation

Japanese has only 5 vowels.

A (あ) I (い) U (う) E (え) O (お)

And consonants are pronounced with vowels together definitely.
It means there are no words in Japanese that consist with consonant(s) only.


■Tokyo Bon 東京盆踊り2020

B & V, L & R, H & F

Japanese words doesn’t have pronunciation of “V”, “R”, “F”。
Then almost Japanese people can not understand differences of B and V, or L and R, or H & F.
Actually, I can’t distinguish these pronunciation.

■English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese Pronunciation Difference 3

Other languages

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