Arabesques and Sham

Arabesques and Sham

(C) Mio Tsugawa
created : Jul. 2011

Arabesque : 30,
Each decoration parts : 30

Paper size
Arabesque : 7.5cm
Each decoration parts : Each size

Joint type : Arabesque joint
Joining materials : No use

These works are Arabesque and Sham which are decorated with decoration parts.
All works use
Arabesque joint
to assemble, and processes don’t need glue.

Can you find out which is arabesque or sham ??

アラベスク and シャム

© Mio Tsugawa
created : 7.2011

アラベスク : 30
デコパーツ : 30

アラベスク : 7.5cm
デコパーツ : それぞれのサイズ

ジョイントタイプ : アラベスクジョイント
ジョイント方法 : 組み合わせ
まとめ材 : なし


さて、どれがアラベスクでどれがシャムでしょう ??

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  1. You always know how to find the right topic to write about and make it important. I cant believe you’re not more popular because you clearly have the gift.

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  3. Those look beautiful!

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