Folia with pointed-hat

(C)Mio Tsugawa
Created : Dec. 2010
Diagram : Not yet

Type of assembling : Modular type
Joining method : Flap-and-Pocket joint
Number of part
–Main part : 30 parts
–Decoration-part : 30 parts

Size of paper
–Main part : 7.5cm
–Decoration-part : 3.75 × 7.5cm

This is a kind of work in the series of “Kusudama suites”, the name is “Folia”.

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I tried to decorate it with decoration-parts “Pointed-hat” which are the blue color.
Glue doesn’t need in all process.

The modular-origami makes me have fun always by a possibility to be able to decorate with other parts of decorations.

I love this work about as much as “Passacaglia“, the joining method and the modular-ratio are created as better, for me.

Also, a work of “Sarabanda” would be able to assemble by this method.

A long time ago, I’ve assembled parts of Mitra which would be assembled by a method of Arabesque-joint by this Folia’s method.

Mitra’s folia

フォリア ver.とんがり帽子




ミスラス フォリア

サラバンダも同じつなぎ方なので、作品名は「ミスラズ サラバンダ」でも良かったかも。と思ったり。

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