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Distributed the monthly diagrams of Mar. 2022 / 2022年卯月の折り図が配信されました。

Diana and Diana "N" / ディアーナ & ディアーナ「N」 The monthly diagrams of Mar.2022 were distributed yesterday, which are "...
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Distributed the monthly diagrams of Mar.2022 / 2022年3月のマンスリー折り図が配信されました!

Decoration parts: 1/8 rectangle standard "Halo" / デコレーションパーツ: 1/8 矩形規格 ""光輪" Decoration parts: 1/8 rectangle standar...

フリアント ver.プレート / Furiant with Plate

The work data Created : Jan. 2011 Drawing : Feb. 2019 Joining method : Flap and Pocket joint Number of a part...
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Happy New Year!!

Wish your New Year is great one! May all your dreams come true and may you have much happiness in this new year! S...
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Diagram of Kaleidoscope

The monthly diagram is "Kaleidoscope" for this month. There is the basic folding, and simple type for assembling....
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