The world tour

I’m going to carry my plan out in the near future.
It’s travels to see my origami friends!!

I’d like to see “Kusudama power” with my own eyes.

How do my friends like it?
How can it connect my friends and me?
How does it make a joy?
And I’d like to share a great folding time with my friends.

I’ll go anywhere where my friends are in the world.
If you would like to see me, please feel free to ask in the Patreon site.
Even if you’d be patron of $1 or more, you’ll have the right to ask.

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My travel plan
(one country per month)

■The first country is Germany (Werl)
06 Jul. 2017 – 05 Aug. 2017

■The second country is Poland (Warszawa)
06 Aug. 2017 – 05 Sep. 2017

■The third country is …. I haven’t decided yet…
But it would be EU.
05 Sep. 2017 – 04 Oct. 2017

■The fourth country is ….have no plan….
But it must be without Schengen Area (without Austria).


I’m going to take the travel like these while my money lasts.
wish I can visit many many countries.

Comments / コメント

  1. Kalami-Tine says:

    That sounds like a real adventure. If your journey from Werl to Warsaw leads you somhow over Berlin and Potsdam, join one of the meetings of the Potsdam Origami Group!

    • Mio Tsugawa Mio Tsugawa says:

      I’m going to drop by Berlin to take a night bus. It will be a very very short time.

      I think I can do nothing in the Group.
      But I’ll take a part in Potsdam origami Group, if you and members don’t mind.
      Would you show me where I can apply?

      • Kalami-Tine says:

        There is no official application, we are just a bunch of Origami enthusiasts who meet twice per month to fold together. And if there is a special person in town, we are delighted to meet a third time. So if you have time left, just contact me…

        • Mio Tsugawa Mio Tsugawa says:

          I see.
          But unfortunately, I think there is not enough time.
          I’d already bought tickets for a train and a bus from Werl to Warsaw.
          It’s a very tight schedule.
          How about you come to Werl, Kalami?
          I plan to stay there for a month.

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