Diana / New work!!

(C)Mio Tsugawa
Created : Jul.2017
Drawing : Not yet
Assembling : Modular-type
Method of joint : Arabesque-joint
Parts : 30
Paper size : 15cm × 7.5cm
No use glue.

It has been a while since I created the last new work.

This is an extended work from Cynthia.
Cynthia is joined parts together by Arabesque-joint, but this Diana would be assembled by Flap-and-Pocket joint.
I changed a part of the joint to flap-and-pocket joint like as Sonobe unit.
The using paper is I bought recently in here Germany.
It’s a little bit thick and broken easier…
The patterns are very beautiful, but it hard to fold I think.

And I put it on a shell in a room.
You might be able to see this work sometime if host mother doesn’t rid it.

Also, I made a kusudama work of Sham around ten days ago. Host mother has put it on a table.

ディアーナ / 新作です


シンシアはアラベスクジョイントでつなぎますが、これはフラップ アンド ポケットジョイントでつなぎます。




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