クランス / Krans

Krans / クランス
Krans II / クランス II

「クランス」について / About “Krans”

I created this work “Krans” in this spring, Mar. 2019 when I was making a work “Kroon”.
This is a work like a cross between “Eos” created 2010 and “Kroon” created in 2009.

Actually, “Krans” has both characteristics of “Eos” and “Kroon”.
But joining parts method is different from them, they use Arabesque-joint to assemble, with respect to Krans use Flap and Pocket joint.

The name of “Krans” means “crown” or “wreath” in Dutch.

しかしパーツをつなぐジョイニングメソッドは「フラップ & ポケットジョイント」。 「エオス」や「クルーン」のように「アラベスクジョイント」じゃぁないんだな。

Work’s data

Created : Jul.2019
Drawing : Sep.2019
Joining method : Flap and Pocket joint
Number parts : 30
Paper size : 10cm × 5cm

クランスの特徴 / Two characteristics of “Krans”

その1: ジョイニングメソッド / No.1: Joining method

A part of Krans has flaps and pockets, Flap and Pocket joint is used to assemble.
Tightly speaking, the pocket is not a complete shape, it’s close to a gap.
However, why a flap can be connected to the pocket strongly is on a small hook the pocket having.

So the pocket has a small hook, which works the flap and pocket will not come off easily. It is the same system as a work “Furiant” having.

Almost works using arabesque-joint to assemble can be changed to this method.
And you might notice, “Krans” is a work whose joining method of “Kroon” is changed from Arabesque-joint to Flap and Pocket joint.

I think that works having this joint must be born more and more from now on.



その2 : 変身 / No.2 : Transforming

Krans can be transformed to a completely different shape like “Eos” after all parts were assembled, without glue in all processes; assembling and transforming.
A bottom photo is a shape of “Krans” before a work in the top photo transformed.

You can watch and enjoy how transform the work’s shape making it, it might be fun processes.
Of course, you can enjoy the work shape not transforming, it’s interesting shape, too.

■Note :
An arrangement work “Krans II” doesn’t transform, but it can be decorated with decoration parts to change color.

krans before transformed / クランス 変身前

「クランス」はすべてのパーツが組み立てられた後、「エオス」のようにダイナミックなトランスフォーム (変身) をする。3番目の写真が一番上の写真の作品の変身前の形。

どがして(鳥取弁 : どのようにして)こんな形に変身するのか。ぜひ実際に作って楽しんでみてくだされ。

注 : アレンジ作品「クランス II」はトランスフォーム不可。厳密に言うとクルーンのような形にはなる。が、見た目クルーンと変わらなくなるので、ビミョー。

折り図配布中 / Distributing the diagram of “Krans”

The diagram of “Krans” is distributed as the monthly diagrams of Sep. 2019 for patrons who are $10 or more on the site of “Patreon“.



If you use half of 15cm square paper to make this work, the completed work will be very big size! Be careful!!


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