Quarter harmony Diagram / クォーターハーモニー – 折り図

Quarter harmony: Stardust / クォーターハーモニー: 星屑
Quarter harmony: Twinkling star / クォーターハーモニー: 綺羅星
Quarter harmony: Twinkling star / クォーターハーモニー: 綺羅星

Work data

Mio Tsugawa
Creation date
Jun. 2009
May. 2021
Paper size
3.75 × 15 cm
Joining materials
No use (No glued)
Joining method
Fold lock joint

Summary / 作品概要

“Quarter harmony” is the modular type which doesn’t use glue to assemble.
One part is made with rectangle paper having a ratio of one to four.

The work can be decorated with other decoration parts which have 1/4 unit standard (pocket type) and Froebel patterns, without using glue.
And this is the most enjoyable feature.
(Each diagram of the decoration part sold separately.)

The diagram includes the folding of “Stardust” and “Twinkling star” and the assembling. Also, how to set a decoration part.

Quarter harmony (Stardust) & Astragalus sinicus (Pocket type)
クォーターハーモニー & れんげ (ポケットタイプ)
Quarter harmony (Twinkling star) & Ka-chō-fū-bi
クォーターハーモニー (綺羅星) & 花鳥風日
Quarter harmony (Twinkling star) & Balloon No.6
クォーターハーモニー (綺羅星) & ばるーん No.6


Get the diagram / 折り図をゲット

The diagram is 330 JPY (Include tax).
折り図は1部 330円 (税込み)です。


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