Inwyt variations vol.1 Diagram / インウィット バリエーション vol.1 – 折り図

Inwyt Piece B “Half: the face”, On A Type: Horizontal assembling
インウィット 部品B “ハーフ おもて”, オンAタイプ: ホリゾンタル組み

Work data

Mio Tsugawa
Creation date
60 pieces (30 parts)
Paper size
7.5×3.75 cm (Half square paper)
Joining materials
No use (No glued)
Joining method
Flap and Pocket joint, Rosette joint

Summary / 作品概要

This is a diagram that variations vol.1 of “Inwyt”.
One part of “Inwyt” consists of two pieces, which are “Piece A” and “Piece B” and the diagram includes variation works of “Piece B”.

Mostly the whole works of “inwyt” series are assembled with 30 parts, but it can be assembled with three parts, six parts, twelve parts, and more as well.

Combining pieces into one part and assembling all parts into the whole don’t need glue.

The diagram includes one basic folding and four variations, and you can make ten kinds of works from this diagram.

この折り図は”インウィット”のバリエーション vol.1です。


Get the diagram / 折り図をゲット

The diagram is 330 JPY (Include tax).
折り図は1部 330円 (税込み)です。


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